Tuesday, January 24, 2012

from where i'm standing...

or in this case...sitting.

i see...

  • three littles that are growing up more like sisters than cousins.
  • a favorite toy that has provided lots of entertainment.
  • a dress up doll eliza gave me, and she used the underwear as a hat!
  • creative minds.
  • baby deandra that is exploring a lot these days.
  • my favorite couch quilt that aunt steph made for our wedding.
  • lots and lots of polka dots.
  • scheming between bffs.

i feel...

  • joy because today was a zillion times better than yesterday.
  • peace since they decided to not fight.
  • love growing watching them play together.
  • defensive when they leave deandra out.
  • pride for all the ways eliza makes me laugh.
  • like one little is missing.
  • happiness when eliza asks to "watch delia" (her movie) like she did moments after this was taken.
  • sore legs from the run i just finished.
  • wet hair from the shower i actually got to take.
  • gratitude for whitney coming early so both of those were possible.
  • like it's going to be a happy tuesday.

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from where i'm standing...


momv said...

i like how creative she is:) the underwear as a hat...cute!

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