Friday, January 20, 2012

this and that.

this is her favorite corner in the apartment.

on the counter right above it is "tandy!"

she is my daughter. she loves candy!

we walked into the post office the other day. she knows which lady has candy. unfortunately the line led us to a different employee. we get up there and she just tells the lady "i want a ducker!"

(she did get one, after saying please and thank you!)

another favorite thing to say, that i would rather forget goes like this.

"mommy, i want dis!"

"what's this?"

"dat. i want dat."

"i don't know what dat is."

"it's dis!"

:bangs head:

i wonder if it's as frustrating for her to not having all her words yet as it is for us!


Ashley said...

She's always adorable, but that first picture of her in the corner is so incredibly cute!!!

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