Tuesday, January 24, 2012


she is signed up for her first class.

we bought her leotard today.

had to find something to make it her own too.

rainbow leggings seemed right.

the cashier said "oh! are you a dancer?!"

she proudly replied "yes!"

papa asked her about what she is going to learn.

somersaults? jumping? balancing? to stand on your head?

her face turned from excited to what i can only describe as "wtf?"

you could see it register in her head what he just said and she got the "wait. what?" face on.

it was hilarious.

can't wait to see her in action!


nancy said...

that's cause she was prolly trying to imagine Papa standing on his head!!!

Big Papa said...

I wish that you could download pictures from your mind. The look Eliza gave me would have been a classic.

nancy said...

I wish that every single day...

and i'm sure the picture of you standing on your head...in eliza's mind...was classic too!

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