Monday, January 2, 2012

toddler responsibilities.

a few weeks ago a search on pinterest gave me the idea for a chore chart.with a side eye from james because she's only 2. i started thinking.i knew i wanted magnets and something cute and simple.then i thought of my cousin's shop. she makes custom buttons. 100s of them for wedding favors. combined with her graphic design degree, i knew she would deliver on the cute factor.i told her what chores i wanted, some pics i thought of and let her go. she came up with this, and it was perfect!

i asked her to leave the pin part off so i could attach a magnet.

i originally wanted the chart part to be in a frame with a magnetic sheet in there, but the piece we bought to cut wasn't magnetic! so i improvised and came up with this.

hung it at her height on the fridge and tomorrow we'll start! i'll post the other part of this later. some people are against earning allowance for chores, but i want her to learn. helping out in our family and the importance of giving and saving with a bit to spend! we'll see how this goes with a 2 year old!

eta - i made little banks for her. still figuring out how much she will earn each week, but i want to make sure she sees the importance of giving and saving first.

i'll probably go to the bank and get a roll of nickles and she will get one for each chore and get to put two in each jar per day.

the chores i picked are mostly ones she already does. i just want her to be able to chart her progress. it will also help remind me to brush her teeth!

she got very excited this morning after feeding share (her fish) when she got to move the magnet.

let's see how long it lasts!


Emily Cook said...

Great idea- and you do it in such a cute and stylish way!

We start 'em young too :) Some things they do just because they are part of the family, other things are 'extra' and they earn things for our 'mommy-store.' In both cases, the little people are working, and that's a good thing :)

Kelly Pifer said...

I love how you implemented this, so I am totally going to snag the idea for myself! My son just turned two and he has been doing little chores since he was able to understand, "pick it up, put it back" at about 15 mos. Nothing overly challenging, but learning to be an active part of the household and to be responsible are lessons that can never really start too soon. He gets no allowance now because chores are all about cleaning himself or cleaning up after himself, but once he pitches in on non-Ethan-centric chores he'll get paid. I am starting to work with the 11-1/2 mo old on picking it up and putting it back. She thinks I am a nutter and so does my husband! Thanks for always sharing with us!

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