Saturday, January 14, 2012

bath and bed.

i want to remember this stage.

she fills her hands with bubbles and blows.

i remember pretending it was my birthday cake and i had candles to wish on.

she practices floating and is already better than me. (i think the belly helps)

i find her just laying back and relaxing. not a care in the world.

she slips back and says "ahhhh" like she has had a long day.

she flips over and says "i timmin! i timmin mommy!" (swimming)

she climbs out by herself and i wrap her in a pink bunny towel from art box in korea.

pink bunnies are her favorite, you know.

if she's not in that one it's a towel that aunt tammy made. she walks around saying "tammy towel?!"

she hops in her bed on the floor (it's temporary until we get in the house) and requests her bunny and puppy be in their sleeping bag.

she grabs her blanket and listens to a story. repeating as many words that she can.

she folds her tiny hands and tries to say her prayers.

she has the "God bless daddy, mommy, baby, eliza, delia, and pebble" down. she always forgets "power" in "for thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory"

she holds our heads and pulls us closer for kisses.

she alternates mommy kiss, daddy kiss, mommy kiss, daddy kiss...

if daddy isn't home she still turns toward where he would be and kisses the air in between my kisses.

she points to her eyes when she says "i uff to!" (i love you)

it's my favorite time of day. :)


Emily Cook said...

I love this. keep gathering these moments. You will always treasure them, and someday she will love to read them.

Anonymous said...

oh, i love it all. makes me smile. <>< a

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