Friday, June 5, 2009

5th rtb open house.

last weekend they had the open house up at camp.

friday the families were invited to come out, skip all the saturday crowds, and watch the demonstrations. erica, brayden and i headed up there. it was pretty fun! very cool to see what the guys do.

james sat in the woods all day and set off explosives during one of the demonstrations of an enemy ambush.

adam had a bit more fun and hung from a rope as one of the helicopters took them away. (there were many more technical terms, but i'll spare you!) in the picture below he is the one on the very top.

we also got to see a HALO (high altitude, low opening) jump. the first round didn't go off so well. none of the chutes opened, so they had to pull their reserves, and there was still a problem with two of them. thankfully we have lots of trees around here. you can see 3 of the 6 guys in the first pic. they had a bet going to see who could land closest to the sand pit.

they showed off some hand to hand combat, another use for piano wire, machine guns, and climbing and repelling from the tower.

all mixed in with many visits from the helicopter.

we ended up coming out the next day too. it was pretty crowded, but worth it.

and we'll never forget..."rangers lead the way!" :)

adam and erica are in the picture below, with their son brayden. james was with adam over in afghanistan and at ft. bragg. they live right up the road from us now. adam just graduated in may from ranger school. we'll miss them when they head to ft. stewart in the fall!


Ms. Bean said...

Very cool pictures! One of my close guy friends was a ranger until he got out this past year.

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