Monday, June 15, 2009

what a weekend!

james surprised me with a trip to atlanta. we went saturday and sunday. his original plan was to get keith urban/taylor swift tickets, but they only had nosebleeds left, so instead we got two city passes. he told someone from church that we were doing this now, before i "got too fat to walk around much." thanks babe! :)

the city pass let us tour cnn headquarters, world of coke, the aquarium, botanical gardens, zoo, and art museum. we didn't make it to the last two, but we still got our money's worth!

saturday we were off to a late start, and had to stop at paper-source first. my main reason for wanting to go to atlanta, before i knew about all the fun stuff we had planned.

after that we hit up cnn headquarters and since they tape 24 hours a day we got to watch a little bit of live action. it was pretty interesting!

the next day, after church, we zipped on down there again and started at world of coke. most of it was a self guided tour. learned a lot, saw some cool things, and sure got our fill in the free tasting room!

after that we went to the aquarium, i had been wanting to go here for awhile. it was awesome! we had a private behind the scenes tour. (private because we were the only ones that signed up for that time slot) saw a bunch of tropical fish, a beluga that laughed, a few whale sharks, and a bunch of other aquatic life.

from there we hit up the world's largest drive-in aka "the varsity" for some dinner, then we were on our way to the botanical gardens.

it was so peaceful, and smelled amazing! james was my tourguide, telling me the names of all the structures, and what garden we were entering, all thanks to the map.

they have the largest orchid room, and we got to see a flower that is only open for 3 days out of the year. all the flowers made me miss steve's (the flower shop i worked at) and i actually had a dream about all of them last night!

it was a great weekend, but it wore me out. nice to get out and do some fun things while it's still just the two of us!

spent today crafting. can't wait to share what i did, but it's a gift, so it'll have to wait!

we head back up to indiana in just a few weeks! so excited!


ashley said...

aww you missed steve's! sounds like a fun weekend!

Anonymous said...

WOW! That looked like SO much FUN!
Envy you at the Aquarium and Gardens!! Glad you had the weekend to yourselves! :)


Core said...

Oh my gosh, did you see Wolf Blitzer? I love Wolf Blitzer. He's the only thing I miss now that we have about 5 channels.

shel said...

core - no he doesn't film there. i think he's in dc. most of the main people everyone wants to see are in dc, new york or la.

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