Saturday, June 13, 2009

do something creative every day.

that is paper-source's motto, and one adrienne and i love.

james and i took a trip to atlanta today just so i could visit their store. the second you open the door you can just feel a wave of inspiration.

i have been less than inspired lately, even with a clean crafty room, but i've been trying to get back into it. especially since bean is coming quick, and i know these free afternoons will be limited.

a few weekends ago i decided to dust off my sewing machine and experiment. we've been trying to get recycling going in our house. we have to drop it off ourselves, and i admit, we'd just been lazy.

i figured a nice new recycling bag would do the trick. i planned on whipping up three, but once i got done with this one i figured it would be big enough.

i'd just sort at the recycling place. make a weekly trip when i go to the library.

so here's what i came up with, and i am pleased.

it's huge and cute!

the fabric was all leftover from the wedding tablecloths.


Anonymous said...

C U T E !!!

laura katherine said...

i love paper source too! there is one in oak park on lake street . . . sighs . . . i could walk to it from my apartment . . . i miss it! love!

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