Thursday, June 18, 2009


i wanted to share one of my favorite blogs with you. adrienne introduced me to it last summer, and i can't get enough.

it's called soule mama. she is so inspiring, and has written a few books.

every time i visit her page i just feel this calm. it's peaceful to read, even though she has 4 kids! it reminds me what the important things are. it reminds me to be simple.

i wish i could make some of the creations she does, but for now i'll settle looking at her stuff, making my own, and just enjoying this life.

with a new baby coming it's so easy to get wrapped up in all the new, shiny things. i hope to keep it simple with our kids. sort of like the way we were raised.

ua and i joked that you can't really register for sticks and rocks can you?

since dav first shared an article about "plastic oceans" and then knowing someone who's son was going to study them, i've been aware of all the unnecessary plastic around us. we try to reduce our use of it, and also paper products. adrienne and i started using cloth napkins and that is something that stuck. i don't mind the extra wash for less waste.

when luke and tammy visited they were looking for bowls and cups that were safe for the kids to use. we actually don't have any tumblers or plastic cups in the house. i found one that we use for maggs' baths. we joked that it was because we don't have any kids yet.

yes, that's true, but even with a baby coming, i'm still trying to keep the plastic junk at bay.

there are so many natural toys out there, and i'm lusting after a few currently. ma just sent bean some quilt balls she found at an antique store. they are adorable, and soft.

i'm hoping we can keep it going this way. if soulemama can do it with 4 kids, surely we can too!


Jessica said...

I love her. I will never be her, but I wish I was. I am thankful that the FDA finally admitted plastic is bad for babies - at least that puts me one step closer.

vande2 said...

It's easy to avoid that stuff yourself, but the gifts from others, OY! I'm not totally against plastic toys, but we try to keep it to a minimum. The fewer toys there are lying around, the more creative our kids seem to get, pretending and keeping themselves occupied.

4kids4 said...

I agree to much is bad! Its really hard to not indulge w/ your first kids. I had so much stuff w/ the first couple now we hardly have any and its great! get outside and play!!:)

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