Wednesday, June 24, 2009

birds love me.


at my last appointment for bean i decided i was going to bring my camera and see if i could catch a shot of the cardinal.

this cardinal has tapped on the window at every single appointment i've been to! doesn't matter which side of the building i'm on. he makes his rounds. the doctor's joke about him. he even visits the waiting room.

i think they hired him to keep patients entertained while they wait!

tammy got the pleasure of seeing him when she came with me.

he's so cute.

then, just yesterday, i was sitting on the couch and heard a tapping on the back window. i look and this little guy was flapping his wings until he found a place to land.

he stayed there for awhile, i got up, grabbed my camera and got a few shots. he'd fly away, but always come back and sit on our door.

not sure what kind he is, but i liked his coloring.

we don't even have bird feeders. i think we need to invest in some!

i like to think i've had some visitors from above. just dropping by to say hi!


nancy said...


Nicolasa said...

You definitely have someone watching over you! <3

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