Tuesday, June 30, 2009

he came back!

the bird that is.

he visited this morning, but i'm not sure he'll be returning. i'm sure he now thinks we are mean to birds.

you see, his view inside our door is straight over to jude's cage. if it's not bad enough to have a bird caged, just last night jude's cage got a lot smaller.

we are leaving for indiana today, and james started to breakdown his cage. it comes apart in the middle. so it's a lot smaller than usual. jude is not too happy with us.

we decided to leave a day earlier. so as soon as james gets off work we will be on the road north, in the truck. poor james has to deal with a nearly 7 month pregnant lady, a beagle who insists on being right next to him (jerk stole my best friend) and an unhappy cockatiel.

this should be a fun ride!


momv said...

be safe:)can't wait to see you!

4kids4 said...

who stole your best friend the dog or james?!?!?!

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