Monday, December 8, 2008


james hates these old fashioned lights, but i love them. thankfully he was willing to put them up for me.

afterward, i saw our neighbor at rite aid. she said her husband saw james up on the roof and now thinks he needs to get on theirs. you should see their yard already! it has every blow up, light up, Christmas thing in it. their house has all sorts of lights, and here he wants to put up more because of our dinky little ones!

the first picture is from our first snow. if you look close you can see flurries.

the ornament is one of my favorites, my wooden shoes. know...they say "if you're not dutch, you're not much."

the snowman welcomes you to our house, courtesy of cheryl.

just wanted to share our holiday joy around here.

we'll be heading to indiana in less than a week, so we have to enjoy it as much as we can now!


Patty said...

I still love the old fashion lights too. Still put that kind on our tree. Wish we could give you some of our snow. See you at Christmas.
Aunt Patty

nancy said...

James, those are the ONLY lights worthy of climbing up to the roof for. Good job.

allenfamily said...

you should stop on the way up!! adn we have old school lights and they MUST all point donw and alternate in a pattern

christamac said...

come visit me at camp!! i'll be spending time at both camps!! haha.

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