Wednesday, December 3, 2008


that's always been a favorite number of mine. i was born on 17mar. james and i met when i was 17. it's just a good number!

well my old roommate's old roommate, megan, tagged me. i'm supposed to share 17 things about me. so here goes...(oh and i tried to find pictures of the different things, but this is all i had on this computer.)

1. at one point in my life i had 13 piercings. 11 in my ears, 1 in my tongue and belly button. now i have none, but i do have 4 tattoos.

2. i have kept a journal since '95. i have over 13 filled, and i use them as my records. i refer to them quite often to remember what year something happened.

3. i was an athletic trainer for 3 years in high school, 7 seasons, and i sometimes miss it.

4. james and i wrote hundreds of letters to each other the 15 months he was deployed. i put them all in vellum pockets i sewed and stuck them in a scrapbook. i told my parents no one can read them until after he and i pass. :)

5. my first e-mail ever was spiritsprinkles at hotmail dot com. it was an inside joke at camp. i kept it until i went to college.

6. my best friend growing up lived in the sister house to the house in prancer. it was gorgeous and had a huge banister we used to slide down.

7. i ate a bowl of fries, a grape all sport and laffy taffy's almost everyday for lunch in high school.

8. i have a group of really good friends that i have never met. my FIFs (freaky internet friends) we were part of an august wedding message board. i first "met" them a year and half ago. we talk daily and they were there for the deployment, levi's health problems, the baby, the miscarriage and so much more. we have gotten really close and i am so thankful for them.

9. my first date ever was with james. he was 16 i was 17 and we were both volunteering at lutherhaven. we went to walmart, burger king and the parking lot of auto zone to eat our food. that's where i got my first kiss ever, after i threw up from being so nervous!

10. the 2nd time around we talked for 9 months before we met up. i was in indy and texas, he was in italy and north carolina. we got together on Christmas eve in lafayette.

11. when i move to a new city one of the first things i look up is if they have a jimmy john's.

12. i'm crazy about bird things, but i don't like real birds. i don't trust animals that can be over my head...cats fall in this category.

13. i am very ocd when it comes to certain things. a big one is numbers, like on volume controls. i have specific numbers it cannot be on.

14. i'm actually thankful for everything james and i have gone through over the last 8 1/2 years. i wouldn't change a thing. it made us closer and appreciate each other better. it also gave us the chance to grow up and be ready to be together.

15. one of my favorite vacations was a trip to myrtle beach the summer after my senior year with james' family. we went parasailing, hung out on the beach, walked along it at night, went on a skycoaster ride, cruised the strip and had a blast. the only bad part? wrecking the rental sebring. it wasn't our fault, but james was way too young to drive a rental. the airbags went off and my fear of driving was heightened. good part? he was so caring and concerned through it all. i got a glimpse of a different side of him. i'll never forget that moment.

16. i always order the same thing at fast food restaurants. each place has a meal i always get, and i never change!

17. at our wedding we rode away on the harley. i was still in my wedding dress, barefoot with no jacket. we drove to his dad's house to get my car. about 20-25 minutes outside of town. it was so cold and still it was one of my favorite rides.

i tag any of the 808 girls.


Vanessa said...

I loved, loved, loved reading this! You are fantastic and I love your life. I will do one as well since you tagged us...but I need to think about it!

Christie C. said...

I love this as well, and loved learning more about you. I'll put it on mine eventually :)

james and michele said...

yea it took me a few days to come up with stuff. i kept a notepad open on my laptop and added as i thought of things. :)

can't wait to read yours!

ashley said...

you inspired me! i wrote my own on facebook :)

Anonymous said...

awww...i sometimes miss athletic training too! i miss hanging out with all of the girls. we use to have so much fun together. i haven't seen some of you in ages!

Spamifred said...

I love how creative your responses are :)

krista/ralf said...

you don't even have your regular ear hole piercings anymore? crazy girl.

Melaina25 said...

I love Jimmy Johns. One of my best friends in a GM for one and I always go and get a Slim 5 when I'm back in Cincinnati.

Erin said...

I loved your 17 things! You did such a good job.

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