Thursday, December 11, 2008

he remembered!

how did i get blessed with a husband like james?

before i begin you should know.

1. we don't have a garbage disposal.
2. i hate food left in dishes.

james has been working until 2am all week. he expects me to get out of bed and cook dinner for him then. (yea right) so i started cooking things i can easily heat up for him when he gets home.

the other night it was a hamburger helper type thing. i hadn't done this kind before so i wasn't sure if he'd like it. sure enough, he didn't, but he played it off well, and ate half the bowl.

well i woke up the next morning to find the bowl in the sink, food still in it, and filled with water.

yuck. i soon had a few choice words flying, let it sit a bit longer, and finally got the courage to drain and dump it out.

i had totally forgotten about it by the time he came home last night, but the first words when he walked in the door were..."before i forget, i am so sorry about that bowl this morning. i don't know what i was thinking. i got to work and thought "did i really just do that?"

apparently he was too tired that morning and not thinking straight.

i'm just so happy he remembered, and said something! made me smile.


ash said...

i don't know who's sweeter! him remembering or you having homecooked food ready at all hours of the night! :)

Dyan said...

awww now that's love!!!

Anonymous said...

1) we have a garbage disposal
2) we have a dishwasher
3) i never get an apology

:P can i send matt to james-bootcamp??


james and michele said...

ingrid - ma and my mother-in-law joke that he is in the military now because james does not put up with anything. it's like boot camp around here.

after maggs' training, i'm sure he wouldn't mind training matt.

i'm also sure this is probably another thing that will fade with time. so i'm enjoying it now! :)

momv said...

yeah, after staying with you and seeing him training maggs, i said to dad "poor maggs he's in the military now!" when i said that to james mom she said "you can't teach an old dog new tricks!" ohhhh maggs you can sleep on nanas and papas couch anytime;)

james and michele said...

yea but nana, a minute after i read that maggs came up to the backdoor and barked...didn't scratch once! i do think you can teach an old dog new tricks! he shakes now too. :)

krista/ralf said...

yes.. but can he "switchfoot"? i'll not be impressed til then. :)

krista/ralf said...

and man.. you didn't make any weird iced cookies like last year at whits... whats up with that shel?

Erin said...

Aww, what a sweetie! As you are too for always having food ready for him.

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