Tuesday, December 16, 2008

catching up.

on the last few weeks. it's been crazy. so we'll just do some bullets of random happenings.

- i rode over with erica to fort bragg for her baby shower. it was a good weekend. nice to catch up with friends. i stayed with jake, paige and emmitt. i think emmitt was bummed jimmie lee wasn't there. paige and i went to a tree lighting and walked around downtown. then on the drive home erica and i stopped at jimmy john's. it was a great end to the trip! she is due next month with brayden. can't wait to meet him!

- james worked like crazy. didn't get home before 2am one night last week. we have 3 weeks of leave now so we are enjoying our time together.

- while he was working i spent some time with ben, celina and aidan. i babysat aidan one day, took their Christmas picture, the next night i met up at their house for a youth group planning meeting, and saturday the leaders met at the church at 5:30am to kidnap the kids. we only have 4 kids in the youth group. 2 are brothers so we went to their house first. woke them up at 6am by kyle playing "gloria" on his trumpet, and reading part of luke 2. next we went to kara's house. same thing, only she was waiting for us, and the first words out of her mouth were "are we having pudgie pies?" they didn't know where we were headed. the plan was to go to the hospital to see a newborn. we even bought some gifts. we set it up with the new mom, and were going to be there at 7:30am. then the nurse called and said her supervisor said it wasn't a good idea. so instead we went to a manger scene, read the rest of the passage, then on to iHop. early, but fun morning.

- i went to the eye doctor one day. was supposed to test my new contacts. complained i couldn't see out of the left one at all. he thought i had it in inside out, so i switched it, still blurry. then he realized i hadn't taken my other contact out! i felt like such a ditz! :)

- and finally, we had the 5th RTB holiday ball. no one wanted to be there since they were officially on leave as of that morning, but we still had a good dinner and were in good company. didn't get to stay for any of the actual ball part. we left after the speeches, and after james and the other guys (two of his good friends, and two others) retired the colors. he was on colorguard and i never saw him do it before, we had a few laughs at their expense. they were all shaking a lot!

- we drove up sunday, stopped in seymour and stayed the night at dav and whit's. now we are up in lafayette. adrienne flies in tonight! can't wait to see her again. spending a lot of time with family, visiting with james' and just relaxing.

happy day!


vande2 said...

Oh, you looked beautiful! :) Can't wait to see you!

ashley said...

love! your dress!!!

krista/ralf said...

i'm so jealous you and adrienne get to spend some time together! i love your pictures. glad you got there safe. (i've done the contact thing too.. just not to the extent of going to the dr!) love you.

Dyan said...

Glad to hear that your back in Indiana! Have a great holiday with the family! Miss and love you!

danny and courtney said...

haha love the contact story :) have a good holiday!

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