Tuesday, December 23, 2008

since we've been home.

- we went to the andrew peterson (and friends, like bebo norman, and caedmon's call) Christmas concert.
- i played wii for the first time. we bowled.
- james got 6 strikes in a row while bowling for real. (not the wii)
- we've eaten a lot of great food.
- we've visited grandpa at the mall for coffee many mornings.
- we played cards and crap out/farkle with ua most nights. i scored over 3000 points in one roll!
- we saw a lot of Christmas lights in frankfort.
- james actually had a conversation with emma and she let him sit next to her.
- we had our Christmas with the hildebrandts. the vanderbrandt Christmas if you will.
- we froze our butts off, but not as much as the boys (luke, erik, aaron and corey) must have at the bears game last night.
- we watched some football.
- we started and finished our Christmas shopping.
- we have made a few presents each.
- we've been to grace twice and seen many old friends.
- we have relaxed.
- and most importantly...we are actually in the same country this year!


Erin said...

Wii bowling is so fun!
I'm glad you're having a great Christmas. You deserve it, definitely.:)

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