Sunday, December 7, 2008


i had to apologize to ma because in all the years i went to camp, and all the times i moved away from home, i never got homesick. ever.

this weekend. i caught a bit of that disease that plagues so many campers!

ma was disappointed to hear that i wasn't homesick for their home in indiana, but our home here in georgia.

i went over to fort bragg without james. not the first weekend i've been away from him since we've been married. remember the baseball trip? but for some reason this weekend was harder. probably because i was around all of his friends, in the town he used to live in, where i used to visit him, only this time he wasn't there.

it was weird.

i had a good time seeing everyone, but man i miss him!

and it sucks when i come home and he's working all night. hopefully he'll be home before the morning comes.


laura katherine said...

i just left indiana after a weekend of visiting with tim . . . and now i'm back at my apartment . . . and my heart hurts . . . sad day. stupid long distance .much love.

momv said...

you were just so well adjusted.... right shel! not me, i cried

allenfamily said...

i feel ya lil lady...i would go through the same thing when i would vist jake down ehre then go back to Bemidji i would always get homesick...we had a blast...and we love ya

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