Monday, December 1, 2008


james' mom came down last tuesday. she stayed until friday so we were able to celebrate thanksgiving together.

we took her to the square for lunch, watched movies, and took a drive out to suches. we pointed out the appalachian trail to her, and she sounded just like ma..."oh i have to go walk on it!"

we walked over to adam and erica's for thanksgiving dinner. his uncle cooked for us and it was delicous! different than home, but very enjoyable.

we also got to play some euchre. i think i play more euchre when i am outside of indiana. my theory, people in indiana are tired of it until they live somewhere that noone plays. so when you do find people to play you HAVE to play! we've played a few games with ben and celina, and then more on thanksgiving.

it was so wonderful to have james and adam home. we made a toast to them since we all remember what last year was like. we're blessed they could be here.

saturday james and i went out looking for a Christmas tree. we will be on leave in two weeks, but we can enjoy the tree in the mean time! we drove around for awhile. shopped for a few Christmas tree supplies (stand, topper and stocking for james. somehow i found one that matches mine!) then stopped for lunch at jimmy john's. they just opened one a month ago. it's a bit of a drive, but closer than atlanta! i was so excited!

of course the time we stopped at the Christmas tree farm it was pouring down rain. we hopped out of the truck and i ran and found our tree. we set it up that night, after rearranging our furniture. the house smells so good now!

most of the ornaments are mine, a few are ours, and there are none of james', but he said he doesn't have any. whit said dave doesn't have much either, so maybe it's a girl thing. looking forward to getting a lot more of our own. my favorite is the ring dish from our wedding. tate carried it down the aisle with our rings, and now it's an ornament. front and center on our tree!

i've also been working on the tree skirt. i added a bunch to it yesterday. i need more ties, so i don't think it will get done this Christmas, but at least it covers the front part of the tree now!

i felt like i was living with my brothers again because i had to force james to hang just one ornament!

today i woke up and while i was getting ready for the doctor i looked outside and saw it was snowing! it isn't even that cold today, but it's been a steady snow. i screamed like a little kid "IT'S SNOWING" and magglio and i ran outside to catch snowflakes on our tongues. well, i did he just ran around. weatherman says it's supposed to last until 1am. james just started a new cycle today so i'm sure they are freezing their butts off.

oh and doctor said i have an ear infection, and tmj. oh joy! hoping the ear infection clears up quick with these drops.

happy december!


vande2 said...

I love your tree, it's the perfect size! And who is that skinny dog?! I'll be on the lookout for ties. :)

laura katherine said...

i love that your ring dish is now an ornament! that's so exciting! i miss you! much love.

Melaina25 said...

I never played euchre but my parents and their friends always did. It must be a Great Lakes (I refuse to call OH/IN midwest) thing; personally I love Gin Rummy...

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