Thursday, August 28, 2008

finally house news!

we are still at ft. benning, so i am taking full advantage of the internet. james has meetings all day, and maggs and i are just chilling.

here is a picture i forgot to put up last time. this is the only one i got from the drive down to georgia. it's from our first stop to fix the mattresses.

so we closed on our house on 21aug. we went back with the old owners and they showed us around a bit more. let us in on any house secrets, and exchanged numbers if we have any problems. they are also military, and are heading to ft. bragg. so we just flip flopped!

we met a few of our neighbors. barbecued at our friend's (adam and erica) house one night. they live the next street over. james was in afghanistan with adam. it's nice to have friends close!

they invited us back over saturday night. they live in a culdesac and were having a block party with a few of their neighbors. so we had even more food from the grill. enjoyed everyone's company and the late summer night.

we spent a few days and nights unpacking. i did our bathroom first and so far that is all i have pictures of. so here you go...

the master bathroom!

that is adrienne's aloe plant i brought with us while she is traveling. hopefully i can keep it alive!

i love our soap dish and all that. it's made from recycled glass, and oh so pretty!

once we get back home, i'll take some more pictures!


Anonymous said...

nice shel. can't wait to see more.
miss you already :)
aunt steph <><

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