Wednesday, August 27, 2008

we were back home in indiana...

for a few days. at least.

i got real bored in the car and doodled on my toes.

we stopped at a gas station and was greeted by this POW semi. it took my breath away, and made me smile. it was like it was a sign from grandpa.

we flew home from atlanta so we could be with my family and there for grandpa's funeral. our friends took us to the train station so we could take that to the airport. the train is called the marta. i was highly amused because that is one of my favorite camper's name!

so in that one day we rode a boat, drove a car, rode a train and flew in an airplane!

it was our first flight together, and james said he knew we'd have different travel styles. he likes to sit in the bar until boarding, where as i like to stalk the gate, and make sure i don't miss anything! we got into indy real late, and a big thank you goes to james' dad and stepmom for picking us up. we were in bed around 3am that morning. yikes!

we had some issues the next morning with the truck. so james decided to stay in lafayette and fix it, and i rode up with supa, dav and jade. jade and dav got cozy in the backseat. she looked like she was hugging dav. she really loves him!

sunday brought the wake. dad asked james if he would wear his uniform, and he was honored to. i hardly ever see james in his uniform let alone standing at attention. and when they played taps, and he saluted my grandpa it was too much. i am so proud of both of them, and the job they do/did.

the following day james had the opportunity to present the flag to my aunt janet after the other soldiers removed it from the casket and folded it up.

i wish my grandpa had the chance to really meet my soldier, and vice versa. they met many years ago, but james was just a high school boy then! the month or so before the wedding they had another chance to meet, but grandpa was too out of it by then.

i just can't say enough about my two favorite sergeants!

after the funeral we headed back to lafayette. finished packing, went furniture shopping (another thanks to brian and cheryl for that generous wedding gift) and said good-byes.

we had a few more glitches which i will spare you of. let's just say we went to bed at 4am wednesday morning and instead of leaving early that morning we left late that night. had a few more issues. due to the mattresses on the roof. spent about 2 hours and only got 1/2 hour down the road! drove all through the night. (on very little sleep) and made it to our house closing appointment at 8:45am thursday morning!

here are pictures of all my stuff, and our shower and wedding gifts, crammed into the uhaul. james said he figured we'd be driving through kentucky and tennessee so he and dad thought the mattresses would fit in nice on top of the trailer!

cori stopped by for a quick visit/goodbye. me proving to ma that magglio was ready to go on another adventure. my toes with the fabric from our new couch. macy love and magglio getting one more snuggle in. and us, ready to head south!

house pictures and current news soon!


Alyssa said...

Love reading about all of your new adventures. Don't get me wrong, I have my exciting times too, such as surviving another night of Cade teething and hoping that Tate doesn't have an accident in his big boy underwear when we're at Wal-mart! ;) (See what you have to look forward to??) We're very happy for you and look forward to hearing about all of the new things in store for you.
Love you!

vande2 said...

Ha! I was just laughing to myself, thinking of my harrowing day wiping three noses, breaking up catfights between girls who are wearing nothing but "fluffs," watching a little boy fall down all over the house learning to walk, and carpet cleaning puppy pee! Yeah, I'm missing that moving-to-a-new-place, just-the-two-of-us excitement a little reading this post! Happy adventures! You two have earned them. :) Love.

4kids4 said...

just the two of us:) whats that?!?!?!
love your new blog!

Anonymous said...

Love every minute while you can. We had 5 years together before kids and I can't even remember it. Enjoy,Kimm

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