Wednesday, August 20, 2008

a time for everything.

life has been crazy.

a time to laugh...

the rest of our honeymoon was spent on a private island in the keys. it was a nice escape from the madness. the highlight was our visit to the "dolphin research center." we got to swim with the dolphins! this was on my life list, and james sure did surprise me.

(dolphin pictures next time)

and a time to cry...

the end of the week brought some hard news to take. my grandpa's health had been diminishing. my dad called to tell me he was going to be put in hospice. he also told me how he had the opportunity, thanks be to God, to baptize grandpa. we are so thankful for that!

14 aug 08 my grandpa went home to be with grandma. it was so hard to hear, but i know that grandpa is in no more pain, and back with his love. i recalled a time when grandpa was telling me how hard it is to lose the one you love. and how "no one wants to play cards with you, because you don't have your partner." i like to think they are up there playing pinochle!

we headed home a few days early. no big deal since we had been fortunate to experience so much already. the road home was long, but it was so nice to pull off on to rt2, back to those familiar places. home.

my grandpa is my biggest hero. i know i have said it before, but i cannot explain how proud of him i am, and how blessed our family was by having him as our role model.

for those who don't know, grandpa served in ww2. he was captured and spent 4 months as a POW. when grandpa died, i felt like it was not only a loss to all of us, but also a huge loss to our country. i wish everyone could have met him, and known him like we did. it is so hard to see many of our veterans pass. thank you to all of them for the sacrifices they have made for all of us.

we love you grandpa. say hi to grandma for us!

what's next for us? we are packed up and ready to hit the road. one last time. we come!


Anonymous said...

I love your pictures of the honeymoon and the wedding. I'm so sorry for your loss Shel....I know that it must hurt, but like you said he is in heaven now with his love! Thank God for that!!! Hope the move is easy for you always! Dyan

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