Tuesday, August 26, 2008


we still don't have internet at home, but lucky for you we had to go down to fort benning for paperwork. which means we are staying in yet another hotel. yay free wi-fi! maggs got to come with us. this should be interesting.

so here are the pictures from our day with the dolphins. we had a mom and her calf. the mom's mom was actually at this lagoon too. she is estimated to be 53 years old. the average life span of a dolphin is 25-30 years. crazy! she was nicknamed "hot lips" because when she kisses a guy with a beard she doesn't want to let go! too bad james didn't get a kiss from her.

we learned a lot about dolphins that day. this place is a research center, non profit organization. so basically our tickets helped put fish in their coolers. pretty neat!


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures Mrs. Rockhill!! So how's married life going so far?!? Miss and love you, Dyan

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