Saturday, August 9, 2008

hokay so...

aunt nancy asked how i got my blog all fancy so soon.

truth is...i looked into it awhile ago. we had the g-mail set up for our web page, and i thought "eh? why not!"

so lucky you...another blog from me. james is currently watching a scary movie, and i can't handle them. so here i sit.

after the reception we drove down to indy. we had a fabulous suite in the conrad for two nights. we were greeted, hugged, and congratulated by some girls out for a bachelorette party. they were fun! our hotel was connected to the mall, so we ventured out one day. grabbed some lunch and walked around.

as we drove out of town i suggested we hit up 'cheeseburger in paradise.' it was my favorite place to go when i lived in greenwood. we got some free drink samples from mike the bartender, and we were back on the road to nashville.


nancy said...

Keep those pics a 'comin! Love to see your travels...since yet another one of my mini-vacation road trips has gotten re-routed...and I'm spending it in Lowell!
Now, fancy blogger do you get your photos to post as a block of photos and not one by one?
I need a using the internet lesson from shel. !

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