Friday, August 8, 2008


out this whole new blog. figured new life, new blog.

we are in stuart, florida. james left me for the brewhouse. mostly so i could watch the opening ceremony in peace. i figured i could multitask. so here goes.

the wedding (8.2.8) was the most amazing day! everything went perfect. we cannot thank everyone enough for all their help and support. we really appreciate it! it was a long time coming, and we wouldn't have had it any other way!

the day was beautiful. we are so blessed with the friends and family we have.

here are just a few snapshots that someone captured on my camera. many, many more to come.

happy day!


Big Papa said...

Good to hear from Shel-Belle and my favorite son-in-law.
Love You and enjoy your island.
I know the invitation is in the mail.

krista/ralf said...

look at you and your new blog. i recognize taking a few of those pics. :) love you both. can't wait til i get to see you again.

nancy said...

well, hello mr. & mrs. you.Rock.hill !
How did you get that blog looking so soon?

love you both.

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