Monday, August 11, 2008

chatanooga fun.

papa had told us about a place in chatanooga that we had to check out. lookout mountain. we headed down and found that there were three main attractions all real close to each other.

we bought the package for all three and began at the "incline railway." you take a cable car up the side of the mountain. there are two cars, and as one goes up, the other comes down. the work on a pully system, and won a mechanical engineering award. it was pretty neat, and also a bit scary as you were going up at a 72 degree grade. you could see the buildings below from the ceiling of the train car. the view, of course, was amazingly beautiful.

from there we went on to "ruby falls." another cave. this one we took an elevator down through the limestone. it was pretty neat. a long walk, but finally we got to see the indoor waterfall. they shut off all the lights before you walk in the opening where it is. when they turn on the lights it is truly breathtaking. it is also a lot cooler (temperature wise) in there!

the last stop before we got back on the road was to "rock city." a big rock garden, and the place where you can "see seven states" on a clear day. this was probably our favorite stop of the day. there was a lot to see, and some real cool rock formations. plus we got to see "lover's leap." i highly recommend hitting these places up, especially for some vintage vacation fun. they just have that feel to them.


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