Wednesday, April 15, 2009

lots of pictures.

i've been keeping busy with work, class, company, and home life so not much time for posting.

here are the pictures from easter weekend though.

luke and tammy plus kids came down to visit. we had a lot of fun and peep sized hail on good friday!

we colored eggs, and the next day they searched for ones the easter bunny left.

they also had to find their baskets. it was a lot of fun to watch!

then we got ready and headed to church. we had a full house on sunday. normally we average around 130-140. this sunday we had 226! had to set up folding chairs to fit everyone. we were back in the cheap seats. kicked out of our regular front row due to two baptisms. it was great to see everyone there! levi had the cutest argyle socks to match his vest. the girls of course were dressed to match, along with their bitty babies. all thanks to nana! i love easter outfits! tammy and i went shopping the day before so i could look for something for james and i. is it silly that i got real excited to pick something out for him?

after church, and after naps, we went up to camp to show them around. the kids played on the course, and we took a hike to find a waterfall. i also told luke that dav climbed the rope, so of course he had to try! he said he probably hadn't since middle school wrestling. after that we grilled out for dinner. it was a great day!

i had my last session of photography class last night. if you want to check out my homework pictures go here.

last night, as i was messing online and laying on my stomach, i'm pretty certain i felt bean moving. it was pretty cool! we go in for our big ultrasound next wednesday. 18 weeks today!

hope you all had a great easter too!


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