Thursday, June 14, 2012

this imagination...

of hers is running wild!

and it's mostly fun to watch, but sometimes it's just weird.



she set all these spools up and from what i gathered she was playing school.

she'd point and say "dandra you're two!" "katielli you're two!"

"now everybody stand up!"

the others were izzybell and wowa. all her friends in real life.



i'm standing at the counter in the bank and she is looking at the ceiling.

there is an 80's style decorated light panel.

"you see that mama?!"


"you see those kids?"


"see the kids up there?" pointing to the light.


:pulling her hand out the door because i'm sure people are wondering why she's seeing kids in light panels:



hearing her say in an obnoxiously high volume "no swiper!" "watch out for swiper!" "katielli! watch out!"

then telling enola "i'll get him!" as she reaches down and picks up a piece of fuzz and enola looks at her like she's crazy.

because eliza had no clue who swiper was at the time. until enola brought him up, and until this last trip to nana and papa's where she watched "dora" she was clueless.



today at target we just had to get my medicine so i didn't get a cart and let her walk.

she was twirling in her dress and being silly, anything but actually walking down the aisle.

the overhead lights were reflecting onto the shiny floor.

she noticed and stopped in her tracks.

frantic "hold me! hold me!"

me quite a few yards ahead of her. "just walk please!"

"no! hold me! you see that?"

"yes, it's just the lights reflecting. look up!"

"hold me!"

"eliza, look up! see the lights, it's like a mirror, they are just shining down."

:reaching down and picking her up:

"my friends! you see my friends?"

"your friends? i don't see them."

"down there!" :pointing to the floor:

"your friends are down there?"


"what are they doing down there?"

"sitting in chairs."

"oh, okay"

by this time i get to the pharmacy and set her down. she's distracted by the suckers, but then asks me to hold her again.

when i reach down she says "no! don't put you hands down there! hold my hand!"

:she interlocks our fingers together as i'm holding her on my hip:

i ask "don't put my hand down there?"

"no! my friends are there!"

:jokingly dip our hands down closer to the floor:

"nooooo mama! my friends! don't you hands!"

:walking out the store, wondering what kind of freak friends she has:


oh eliza, you are always quite entertaining!


Anonymous said...

Ed and I believe Hannah could see ghosts at that age. Just saying....

nancy said...

....and angels : )

and...ask Uncle Dave about catching me on the teeter totter with my "only I can see" friend, Paula.

and....I stopped counting or trying to point out the faces I see in everything...b/c it just sounds too weird to other people.

but Eliza, f.y.i.
your great Grandma Helen was a "face" see-er too!

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