Tuesday, June 5, 2012


apparently we have a smuggler. she's not even 3 and she's sneaking around.

eliza is obsessed with lalaloopsy mini dolls.

if you don't know what they are don't worry, i didn't either when i bought one for her stocking this year. apparently the bigger dolls were a hot toy a couple Christmases ago.

if you do know, you probably also know that the minis come with a bunch of tiny adorable annoying extra pieces.

i am slightly crazy, especially when it comes to keeping track of her toys. everything has to be accounted for and together.

this means i randomly do inventory on her stuff. it's been upped since the discovery of these lalaloopsy dolls. most of the girls come with 4 things including a pet and we haven't lost one yet!

this weekend nana got her another doll. usually the new one becomes her favorite and she HAS to take it to bed with her along with her other favorite "pillow" (yes, that's her real name)

sidenote - they came out with a movie "the search for pillow" and you would not believe how many times i feel like we are in that movie before she goes to bed. "have you seen pillow?" "where did pillow go?" "she can't find pillow again." :mumbled: "freakin' pillow."

the new doll is "marina" and came with a whale for a pet. it's tiny and cute, wears a sailor hat and eliza loves it.

we try to limit the toys she can take to bed so she doesn't stay up and play, and so i'm not losing my mind looking all over for these stinkin' pieces.

last night she wanted to bring the whale with her, but i told her no.

today, when i did inventory, the whale was missing. it was the only thing missing.


this afternoon nana was holding eliza's bitty baby "dandra" and felt something in her jammies. she took it out and what do you know, it was the whale!

eliza saw it, smiled, took it back and shoved it back in the jammies.

when asked about it later she just squinted her eyes into her "i'm trying to be real cute so you'll forget" face.

oh my child. you are a stinker...and way too smart!

hope you enjoyed having whale during your nap. it won't happen again!


momv said...

i was the same way with all your toys! i guess you come by it naturally:)

Anonymous said...

Dominic would never go to bed unless all of his friends were lined up in there correct spots. "where are my friends". I heard that all the time :) Enjoy "the friends" she'll out grow it before you know it. Love, Kimm

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