Wednesday, June 13, 2012

fawn update.

friday we head to the doctor for my first appointment.

i'm hoping they do an ultrasound.

i'm really afraid we're going to leave there heartbroken again.

praying that fawn is growing healthy and strong!

i've had a few bouts of all day sickness this week. and whined on fb that i was hoping fawn would model after eliza and not delia.

i never got sick with eliza, i was sick the entire 34 weeks with delia.

and let me tell you, if you've never puked with a toddler that won't leave you alone in the bathroom, you are lucky!

with delia, eliza used to stand next to me and make fake gagging noises.

now she talks to me.

i gag she says "bless you." if i don't respond she says it again "bless you mama!" if i still don't respond she leans around me so she can be in my face and says "God bless you!"

i've also gotten "no, no mama. don't look at the toilet! don't! stop looking at the toilet!"

and as i have my hands over my eyes wishing this wave will pass she pulls my hands down and shrieks "PEEK-A-BOO!"

dude. just leave me alone!

saw this someecard and made me laugh.


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