Friday, April 20, 2012

"yeave the door open"

those four words drive me (and james) up the wall.

as we say her bedtime prayers (she usually fills in the blanks...)

me - "now i lay me down to ______"
eliza - butting in "yeave the door open"
me - "...sleep. i pray the _______"
eliza - "yeave it open mama"
me - "...Lord, my soul to ______"


reading her a book...

me - "goodnight clocks, and goodnight socks"
eliza - "yeave the door open"


saying goodnight...

me - "kisses..."
eliza - one kiss "yeave it open."
me - "more kisses."
eliza - two more kisses. "yeave the door open mama"


then yesterday, driving down the road to james' softball game.

me - driving, singing along to the radio.
eliza - randomly shouts from the backseat..."yeave the door open!"


dude. relax. i will LEAVE THE DOOR OPEN!


Emily Cook said...

LOL! In our house, it's Marcus that does this, and it's either about the door, or,
"Wake me up when it's time!"
"Wake me up when it's time!""Wake me up when it's time!""Wake me up when it's time!""Wake me up when it's time!"

I have NEVER woken him up. When he gets up, it's time. (or a little earlier!)

james and michele said...

ha! love that "wake me when it's time!" sure thing buddy! ;)

Ali said...

Hahaha oh my she is hilarious!! But really, yeave it open.

Stephanie Hildebrandt said...

at least she doesn't kick @ the door like one of your brothers did :)

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