Friday, April 20, 2012

big imagination.

eliza has found hers and it's pretty entertaining.

she's been using her imagination for awhile, but it's really exploded lately.

we often have a puppy in our house. one that needs lots of ear scratches and pats on the head.

yesterday she kept herself busy for quite awhile being a mom.

first you should know that her cousin enola is "wowa" and deandra is "dandra" then there is "whitty" (whitney) and "untle dav." also we still have the pack n' play set up in our bedroom from when i watched them the other day.

so yesterday she named her bitty baby "dandra" and her blonde haired doll "wowa"

our evening went like this...

"wowa needs to seep."

"i read to wowa."

(this is when i snuck in thinking i knew what scene i was going to happen upon. when i saw it i could feel my heart swell.)

"dandra needs to go to the crib."

"dandra needs blocks"

"shhh. quiet dandra!"

"wowa wants to watch a movie." (mmhhmm...sure!)

"this movie...wowa wants to watch." (making "wowa" hold her jonah movie)

"wowa needs dinner."

"wowa sit here." (in my chair at the table!)

"wowa needs chocolate milk."

holding up tigger..."this is whitty."

holding up her puppy..."this is untle dav." :)

she'd read to them, snuggle them, tell them to go to seep and close the door.

then come right back in and say "ood mornin!"

it was the sweetest thing.

this morning i found all of her buddies watching a movie on the couch.

oh, i believe we're going to have some fun adventures!


jackie said...

Love, love, love! Imaginations are some of my favorite things! :)

momv <>< + said...

imitation! the best form of flattery:) she wants to be like you mom:) love love love it!

Unknown said...

SO sweet i love to watch my daughter play like this also. I ma visiting from Kelly's link up. I am so very sorry you had to say goodbye to Delia, I said goodbye to my Jonathan 1-24-12 born sleeping. I am happy to have found your lovely blog.

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