Monday, April 16, 2012


4 years ago we had a very special homecoming.

not this one...this homecoming was over 11 years ago, and it was in the fall. :)

this one happened in april...

it was james' second deployment. we went in as a reunited couple, and came out engaged.

it was the longest 15 months of my life.

from the time he left to go back after r&r it had been 360 days since we saw each other.

i don't know how we survived, and came out stronger, but we did!

i remember the last few weeks before he came home.

the anticipation. the planning. the daydreaming.

one of the things i did to occupy the last few nights of waiting was to make him a welcome home sign.

for me it was fun. i know that a lot of people aren't crafty, or don't like crafting. so i got to thinking.

in honor of our special month, i'm going to make welcome home banners for any military family that needs/wants one.

if you have a loved one coming home just email me. i'll make it free of charge. a thank you from me...i cannot thank military families enough. i know how it is, and i respect each of you!

here is the banner you'll receive. i made my first one tonight, and i'm excited to share!

paperlullabystore at gmail dot com

please only order if/when you have a loved one coming home. that way i don't get bombarded, and can make them for those that are on their way home soon!


ashley said...

what a generous and wonderful idea! i remember watching that homecoming video...always put a lump in my throat!

Emily Cook said...

:) I feel the same way: "i don't know how we survived, and came out stronger, but we did!"

Great idea, Shel!

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