Wednesday, March 28, 2012

this is who i live with...

james fell asleep while watching tv last night. once he is out it's hard to wake him, and if you do he never remembers.

me :kicking him because i already failed to wake him twice: JAMES! are you coming to bed?

him :sleepy sigh, shakes head no:

me :thinking fine, eliza climbed in our bed anyway, i'll snuggle with her. crawls in bed:

eliza :puckering up, making smooching sounds, kissing the air while half asleep: tisses! i need tisses mommy! :more air kissing: tisses! mommy, tisses!

me :thinking, i have the sweetest girl ever and this will be a great snuggle. smothers her with kisses:

eliza :pushing me: back up! doh (go) mommy! :sitting on me: doh way. :kicking me: doh work mommy! :more pushing, still hasn't opened her eyes: i'm tying to seep!

me :thinking punks! y'all stink!:


Dee Wilcox said...

This made me laugh out loud. That is SO how it is... around here, too. :)

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