Monday, March 26, 2012

in the shop.

the other day as i was driving i had an idea for a family tree.

i swear, these things come to me at the most random times!

so i ran home, and tested it out.

and here is the latest thing coming out (and coming out fast!) of paper lullaby.

since posting i've had so many orders for these. they make great mother's day gifts!

if or when you need more leaves just contact me and i'll send another your way. free of charge!

i'll be posting a few more in various colors and combinations too.

take a look.

and if you have a cricut and a gypsy and want to make your own i'll give you the ingredients for it!

give a hoot.

i have the original cricut, so the whole print is 8x10. it works out well though, but you can definitely go bigger!


Kristin said...

Oh! That is adorable. I will be ordering when we get back to America!! <3

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