Tuesday, March 27, 2012

the one where i show my crazy side.

so more on those trees.

first you should know, i was the sort of kid that had to have every stuffed animal on her bed at bedtime because i felt bad for leaving one out.

i also used the brown crayon/marker before brown was popular because i was sad no one ever wanted that one. it worked...i have brown hair and all. :)

i am also the youngest (and only girl) of four kids. i know what it feels like to be left out.

three of us also joke that ma has a favorite.

so when i make these trees, a bit of my crazy side comes out.

with each leaf i think some of the following...

"i wonder if this person is a top of the tree kind of kid."

"are they more reserved?"

"is this placement okay?"

"maybe they'll be annoyed they are on the bottom of the tree."

"maybe they are too far away from the others."

"maybe they are too close to others."

"am i giving them a complex based on where their siblings are placed?"

"will it make them seem like their sibling is a favorite over them?"

"oh just slap it on there! no one will analyze it as much as you!"

so please...don't.

and yes...you may think i'm crazy. i admit that, but look how much care goes into each order! :)


Luke and Tammy said...

You may be crazy, but my question is, Where would you put me? :)
Your favorite bro!

momv said...

oh luke, you know she is just waiting for me to say put you on top:)
come on seriously, shel you are one of the most kind compassionate people i know:) your'e my favorite....daughter:) and i do remember you never leaving a stuffed animal out!

Emily Cook said...

Never leaving a stuffed animal out! Awww! I totally get it! I used to rotate "who" got to sleep in my bed because I was worried that I would hurt "their" feelings! :)

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