Friday, March 9, 2012

making memories at the new house.

i haven't posted a whole lot about our house. for those that don't know when we came back from korea we moved in to an apartment above our friend's garage. it's a real nice place, just small. we're sharing a bedroom with eliza and the bathroom is in there too. which is nice, but makes nap time hard! or if we have overnight guests they have to come in while we're sleeping.

the positives are definitely there though. our friends/landlords have 4 kids and eliza loves them! we get little treats left on our stairs. there is a friend close by on the hard days. they have a play set out back, and i hear a trampoline is coming too! it's fun.

we found a house we loved, well, we loved the land. the house needed a lot of work. so since the end of september it's been going through a complete rebuild. james is doing most of the work with help from some awesome family and friends.

his work schedule has gotten a little more hectic so he hasn't been over there as much, so things are slow moving.

today eliza and i went over just to get some of the stink blown off us and enjoy the day.

most of her toys are over there, and i wanted to see if her recent growth spurt helped her feet reach the peddles on the tricycle we got her for her birthday. (they did, but she preferred her first ride on toy after i accidentally knocked her over while showing her how to pedal)

we saw that the daffodils were blooming. she served me "toffee" (coffee) and chocolate milk. i spread out a blanket and caught up on some reading.

it was a beautiful day!

here are a couple of my favorites.

daddy took a break to play.

she's a radio flyer junkie...or we are, and make her be too. :)

please always be my best friend!

p.s. yes, that's james. yes, he has a full beard. yes, he is still in the army. he's just lucky and gets to play the part of a terrorist. he is loving his job...for the most part!


momv said...

did the ones come up near the old building in the side yard near the pasture?

ashley said...

The picture of you and Eliza is precious!!! She's such a cutie.

jackie said...

I love all of these pictures sooo much! So cute, Shel!

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