Friday, November 11, 2011

fighter girl.

james likes to joke around with eliza and he'll tell her to put her dukes up. then they pretend fight. he of course wants her to be tough.

i never shared this video here, but it made us laugh when we saw delia. it was our last ultrasound before we left korea. my mom was there and got to see her too.

i love how she has her dukes up and that she punches me too. i'll never forget that.

also eliza was the sweetest thing saying "baybee" weird to see her on there. that was just july, but i feel like she's changed so much!

the second video is the only video we have of delia outside. i could watch her all day. i also noticed that my iPod was playing mason jennings. i don't remember putting that on, but i love that i did. i love sharing music with my beans. one of my favorite memories was when she and i were alone in the hospital room and i rocked her and played her songs. so special.

man, i miss her.


ashley said...

you are loved.

momv said...

tears, tears, tears to the one who catches them all, i love you shel

Danielle Johnson Lewis said...

I watched that second video about a dozen times... such a sweet moment! Thank you for sharing your most precious memories!

Myah said...

hey... yeah, I watched the 2nd video a few times - and I'm so teary. I'm a friend of Jackie Meyer. :) I miss her too, just for you.

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