Monday, July 19, 2010

full time fluff. part two.

okay. so once we got the diapers the first thing we had to do was prep them. that is the worst part. waiting to use them! they have to be washed 5-6 times. the more times you wash them the more absorbent they get. we usually use tide free and clear, but i can't find it over here so we are switching to charlie's soap. i've heard great things about them and thought we'd try it out for all our laundry. we'll see if it works for us.

after they were prepped we were ready to go! the diapers we use have two different sections of snaps on them. the bottom snaps change the size based on weight. the snaps across the top change how tight it is in the waist. eliza at 18lbs (give or take) is currently in medium, and has been since we got them.

i just keep them all snapped to the medium size. so when we want to change her diaper it's as easy as snapping 4 snaps. this diaper goes on just like a disposable. no stuffing pockets with inserts, no extra cover. it's an all in one diaper. also the easiest to transition a not so sure husband into using!

now for cleaning. if a diaper is just wet we toss it in a bin like this from ikea. (or we will once our stuff get to korea, for now we are using a bucket near the washer) at home we kept it in her closet right near the changing table. i have a bottle of odor remover handy just in case it gets a little stinky, but so far we haven't really had to use it. well, i have, but mostly on the stinky drains in our apartment.

if it's a dirty diaper we head to the toilet. here is where most people back in the day would squirm, hold their breath, and invent a disposable diaper. now, they make it so easy. first, this is only for formula fed babies, or kids on solids. breastfed baby's diapers can go straight to the wash. just another bonus of breastfeeding. we didn't start cloth on eliza until she was on solids, so this has been part of our routine. she has what we like to call poop that plops. so you plop the poop and then use this handy sprayer to rinse off the extra. sure we hold our breath on occasion, but we never have to swish the diapers or anything. it's easy.

then we wring out the diaper a bit and it goes to the bin to wait for wash day.

we have enough diapers that we can get by 2 days, sometimes 3 between washes. obviously we wouldn't be able to do that with a newborn and the amount of diapers they burn through. or if we have two in them at once. we currently have 24 and that is just right.

when we are out and about we have a small wetbag that we use to stick the diapers in. comes in handy for trips to the pool too!

the washer and dryers in korea are a little different than back home. i do one cold wash and one hot wash with an extra rinse cycle. at home i would put them in the dryer. here i hang them up with a fan blowing on them. the dryer here would take all day to dry a load of diapers. this way we are saving on our electric bill too. after they hang dry i do toss them in the dryer for 30min just to fluff them up a little.

i hope i covered everything you wanted to know.

i guess i am supposed to make mention that we were not given anything for these posts. not from bumgenius, charlie's soap, or ikea. i'm just a fan of all and wanted to share!

and just because...

some links from my research...
we bought most of ours from cotton babies.
a community to ask questions or trade fluff. diaper swappers.
where i started my search. lots of information about the different types of diapers, folds, products and common questions. green mountain diapers.


Ingrid said...

Thanks, Shel! I actually started researching them several months ago, too. I'm glad to know someone who's using them.

Ingrid said...
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Anonymous said...

That homemade stuff that Spam and I use might be a good option for you over there! Plus one batch might even last you the whole tour haha!

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