Tuesday, July 6, 2010

vimeo catch up.

i've been adding more videos to vimeo. (the link is on the right) trying to catch up on the past few months so i can post recent ones.

got to keep the grandparents updated!


shel said...

passwords for 2010 album - jmrock2010
for 2009 - jmrock2009

mom said...

i love the wiggle in the tub, the rolls and the laughing! all adorable:)

Ed said...

Have you guys had any chance to try Korean food yet?

What do you think of the place so far?


shel said...

ed - yep! there is a place on camp for the korean soldiers to eat. i've gone there a couple times. james has gone a lot when he's away at another camp and not able to eat at home.

neither of us was big on asian food before, but we both like it. eliza too! my favorite so far has been the bulgogi and rice.

so far so good. we haven't gotten to explore too much, but what we've seen i've enjoyed. learning a lot about their customs and how to act in public and social situations. pretty interesting!

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