Sunday, July 11, 2010


things she likes...
water. drinking it or playing in it.
pink bunny and brown blanket.
crawling. no longer army style.
eating. especially table food.
music. blind melon's version of "three is magic number" is at the top of the list. (thanks daddy!)
waving at everyone. it's like she's in a parade everywhere we go.
seeing family on skype.
pretending to talk on the phone.
playing with her beach ball.
knocking towers over.
when we joke around and steal her bunny.
biting things. she crawls around with things hanging out of her mouth.
playing tug with her blanket and bunny.
following me around.
watching movies of herself.
shaking things.

we moved into our new home this month. eliza still is sleeping in her pack and play, just waiting for our stuff to get here. she has done well with the transition. we had a couple fussy days, but of course she was perfect when james was home! she's now in cloth diapers full time. more on that in another post. we have explored a little around korea. she gets loved on everywhere! took her swimming in a big pool for the first time. she loved it. also went to a playgroup a few times. she really enjoys people her size! she is moving pretty fast these days. gets to sitting up on her own and crawls, sits up, crawls, sits up, crawls, pulls up to something. over and over. she decided she doesn't like pureed food anymore and just wants to eat what we're eating. it's fun having family dinners together! we also started to take a little bit of formula. that was very hard on me, but she's happier. still nursing in the morning and at night. hoping to hold on to those. i'm not ready for her to get so old! she is pretty fun these days though!


Luke and Tammy said...

Ten seemed to be the magic number around here for nursing, too! All three of them just decided they were done. We did morning and night for a little while, and then just night, but they were done before I was!

She looks so different with that mouth full of teeth! Starting to look like a little person instead of just a ball of cute! :) Skype date soon, maybe tonight for us. We may be taking a tiny vacation!


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