Wednesday, July 28, 2010

in the last ten years...

we've had...(in no particular order)
stolen glances.
a high school sweetheart love.

many long distances separating us...and many reunions.

two years of up and down love.
four years lost.
another four wonderful years.
1 deployment together, one more apart.

hundreds of handwritten love letters, and emails, and just a few texts.
two over the moon pink line moments.

one world crushing loss.

one big joy in a tiny bean.

two homes of our own.

six various photoshoots.

and one olan mills church directory pic.

a few coordinating outfit occasions.

countless tears, but even more laughs.

the feeling of seeing each other become a parent.

one man's best friend and a mr. jude.

one "real" anniversary.

four countries, and four states of residence between the two of us.

an over the phone proposal.
a last single kiss.

a unforgettable walk down the aisle of our church.

one happiest day.

followed by a close second.

the best honeymoon ever complete with a private island, and swimming with dolphins!

a few nights on a porch swing or two.

many bike rides...some in formal wear.

two high school dances, two grown up balls, and not enough dancing!

countless kisses, hugs, and "always...always." exchanges.

my how we've grown. so happy to grow together.

i love our love.


The Farm said...

Love your posts Shel, love that you have the good habit of journaling. What a gift they will be for Eliza and your children to read some day.

Big Papa said...

Sweet Memories :)for you and James but also for Mom & Dad. Now with Eliza you can get a taste of what joy seeing your children being happy brings.

Love you guys.

Dyan said...

Awww Shel that is so cool. Congrats on 10 years what a beautiful story. Miss and love you!

melissa said...

Aww I LOVE this!!! I enjoyed going down memory lane with you, gives me farm fuzzies!

krista/ralf said...

i love you shel. you're always in my thoughts. i miss you.

Erin said...

I adore this so much. What a beautiful love the two of you share and how blessed is Eliza to witness it.
The photo of James laughing, with you bokeh'd in the background, also laughing is FABULOUS.

jackie said...

What a fab post! Loved it! Happy 10 years to you and James!!

Nicolasa said...

I love your posts so much! This one was awesome! Great love you two have.

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