Wednesday, July 28, 2010

ten july 29ths.

it's been ten years since we met and first dated. how far we've come! don't mind me as i get a little mushy and reminisce.

ten years ago...we met at camp. i was 17, he was 16. he took me on my first date (hello walmart, burger king and auto zone parking lot. what can you ask from a high school boy) i had my first kiss. he asked me to be his girl.

nine years ago...we anticipated our long distance relationship coming to an end. i would be moving to lafayette to start my freshman year at purdue.

eight years ago...we were broken up, but still thinking about one another. often. continued to over the next few years.

skip ahead...four years ago...we had just reconnected thanks to a social network. he sent me flowers from italy. we emailed like crazy and planned to meet up at Christmas when he was home on leave.

three years ago...we had just gotten engaged. he was in afghanistan and i had just moved home from texas. he proposed on the phone one morning before leaving on a mission. his dad gave me the ring at dinner that night, and i didn't get to thank him until he was back.

two years ago...we were just a few days away from our new start. our married life. enjoying summer and spending time together. house hunting and looking forward to the georgia move.

one year ago...i was pretty pregnant and we couldn't wait to meet our little bean. we were soaking up the last few weeks of just us.

this year...well, we're apart again, but let's not talk about that. (i do like the army...occasionally)

it's been a good ten years. i've said it before, but i wouldn't change our story. i do wish we didn't lose out on those few years, but they helped mold us into who we are. our relationship is stronger for it.

i more than love you baby!


(you'll have to endure one more mushy post. coming soon!)


My Metabolic Rate is Stuck said...

Awww Shel...that was BEAUTIFUL!!!

momv said...

brought tears to my eyes, very proud of how strong you are shel, i haven't had to deal with much of what you have. you are blessed to have each you mom <>< +

Chris Hugg said...

Shel and James,
I am in tears reading this, I can feel the love that the two of you share, continue to build your future all the while remembering your beginnings!
Love and Blessings,
Chris Hugg

Nicolasa said...

Love. Love. Love. You two are so cute together!

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