Thursday, May 28, 2009

okay...let's see.

i'll try to catch you up on what we've been doing.

james finished the season of softball with our church league. he enjoyed it, and i liked watching. these pics were from the second to last game. the last game brought a bit of rain, but we stuck it out.

james and ben. who we can now add another tag to his name, he's our old friend, pastor, and bean's Godfather!

monday we went to a memorial day service down in gainesville. james said in church on sunday that he should have worn his uniform, so he did on monday. there are a lot of old guys in church that were in the service, and they like talking to him about it. i know they would have liked to have seen him in uniform. maybe another day!

the service was at the cemetary, near the veteran's memorial. it was a great service. there were a ton of people there! they had a flag burning ceremony, speeches, 21 gun salute, taps, prayers, a special award for a marine that raised money and flew an iraqi girl to the states for medical help, changing of the guard, bagpipes playing amazing grace. it was all so touching.

the one speaker said something about if you do anything make sure you teach your children. i am so thankful that the pride my grandpa had was passed down to his kids, and they passed it down to us, who now get to share with our own children.

the cemetary was huge, and every place had flowers. it was a cool site to see. there was also a big pond with noah and the ark in the middle. there was a little grass path and animal statues all around. it was pretty neat!

after the service we went to the historical center and saw the freedom garden, some recorded interviews with vets, and a bunch of displays. all along the way people wanted to stop and talk to james, thank him, and just share their story.

everyone has one.


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