Friday, May 1, 2009

mr. optimism.

last year james bought a mower off of craig's list. figured we don't have much grass anyway, and this would do. it was a murray rider born in the 70's.

it ended up needed a lot of fixing throughout the short months that we used it. all i know is james took many trips to a local small engine repair store, got a few things welded by a nice old man who sent him home with a watermelon, and had to drive it by pulling on a string, the entire time. (look closely for the yellow string in the second pic) it also had a nice "pop" when he turned it off. i laughed the first time i heard it because my parent's totally did that too.

so this season started. james had tried to get grass growing and was afraid to mow too soon. our weeds were getting pretty high, so he pulled out the mower. first trip out it gives him trouble. he's cursing, taking it apart, and getting frustrated with how spring started.

he decides he's not fighting with it anymore, back to craig's list it goes. (gets a few bucks out of it!) and we take a trip to lowe's. come home with a new baby. thanks to a nice military discount!

i tease him that he is quite optimistic about his grass growing! hopefully it will soon. in the meantime he enjoys riding this around, leaving a dust cloud, and attacking the weeds.


jackie said...

I love this post!!! We joke that Josh mows the dirt out front because there isn't much grass there!

The Farm said...

Love your choice of color James! Do you need a hat to go with that green machine? Aunt Susie

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