Wednesday, May 27, 2009

big day for bean!

it's her v-day!

for those who don't frequent thebump, that basically means that she would have a good chance to survive outside the womb, and the doctors would do whatever they could to assure that. it's her viability day! feels like a big milestone.

james also told me that he felt her kick his back the other night!

ever since i started feeling her kicks i would put his hand on my belly to see if they were hard enough for him to feel. he never had, but the other night i was the big spoon and she was going crazy kicking him!

pretty neat!

it's so cool to see her kicks from the outside. makes it seem so much more real.

it's also getting hard not to refer to her by name on here, but we got to keep something a surprise. :)

24 weeks today, and still feeling good!


Christie C. said...

Happy V-Day, Shel!

And yay for seeing baby kicks :-D

Jessica said...

Spooning was the only way Sal ever felt Joey. When bean starts keeping you up at night with all the squirming, I suggest doing that so you aren't the only one losing sleep.

Melaina25 said...

Yay! Congrats on kicks & V-day!

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