Monday, May 18, 2009

easter candy in may...

really makes a pregnant lady happy.

the other day i was walking by jude's cage, looked across the room and spotted something that didn't belong on the shelf.

right behind my pink russian stacking dolls was a pink easter egg!

i stood there for a second and prayed "please let their be chicks and ducks in there." (you know, the amazing sweetart kind?)

i slowly walked over and opened it up. sure chick, one duck and one bunny (perfect for my ocd eating routine) and they were all red!

it's the little things.

i'd like to thank mr. and mrs. easter bunny (vandercar) for leaving the eggs, and emma, evia and levi for being too short to spot that one.


jackie said...

Love it!!!

I had Amelia two weeks after Easter in 2008. I had purchased two bags of candy at the store a couple of days before Easter. They had a "buy 2 get 2 free" deal going. I wasn't going to leave my two bags of free candy there, so I went home with 4 bags.

I thought I'd sneak a couple of twix that Friday evening and a few more on Saturday (since we had plenty of candy). By the time I was ready to fill the Easter eggs on Saturday night after the kids went to bed, I realized that I had eaten ALL but 3 of the twix.

Yep, I pretty much ate a whole bag of twix in 24 hours. I'm sure Amelia was on a sugar high. :)

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