Tuesday, May 12, 2009

happy day!

miss bean, mid-yawn.
james has been gone since last sunday. this last week sucked without him here. i've become super paranoid being on my own. i have no idea how we did it for 15+ months. he has to leave again next week, but hopefully i will be going with him this time.

i wasn't expecting him back until thursday, but then he said tuesday. i thought it was this evening and that he was going to miss out on the follow up ultrasound today, but he surprised me in the waiting room. it was so wonderful!

he said he had to come prove me wrong, and see that bean is really a boy.

we had a different tech, and the second she put the thing on my belly she said "it's a girl! see the little hamburger there?" ha!

a few people told me to drink orange juice before i went. i downed a cold water, and then a bottle of oj on the drive over. must have helped because bean was quite active, and willing to show off all her parts. (this did not thrill james.)

we were there mainly to get a face shot, make sure she didn't have a cleft lip, and get a few measurements. since it was a different tech than last time, she said she wanted to check over the other parts, just to be sure. so we got all the measurements, and a few more pictures that i wasn't expecting!

she kept commenting on how long her fingers were! the last lady said she had big feet, so i think my wish for "one small girl, shorter than me" won't be coming true.

bean also weighs one pound now! awesome.

it was a very happy day!

there are more pics on the ultrasound page.
i think it's true that these pictures aren't as cool until it's your own kid. they always sort of creeped me out.


Jessica said...

Yay!! So excited for your little girl.

Dyan said...

Does Miss Bean have a name yet or is that a surprise we all are going to have to wait until Sept 16th to find out? She is beautiful Shel & James...congratulations!!!

james and michele said...

she does have a name. i still haven't decided if we are going public beforehand though. :)

momv said...

cute little face:) nana <>< +

Blondiesaur said...

Congrats again Shel!

Christie C. said...

Yay for Bean! I love the pictures and that is SO awesome that James was able to surprise you :)

Oh, and I don't have long feet - but I have really long arms and fingers (and always have) and I'm only 5'2", so you never know...she could still be a shorty!

james and michele said...

that's what i like to hear christie! :)

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