Monday, March 30, 2009

not a whole lot...

going on around here. just rain. lots and lots of rain!

we finally got a break today, and saw this bright light in the sky. still trying to remember what it is. enjoying it before our next round of rain comes this week.

james worked out in the yard all weekend. tilling it all up, aerating it, mowing the weeds, and getting ready to plant grass seed.

our yard is mostly georgia clay. a lovely orange/red. i dream of having nice grass. there is pretty much only one type that will grow here. hopefully we'll have success!

he also got all the stumps removed. he's been busy!

i've been playing around on my camera. getting my homework done for class. here is the first roll of film i took.

james pulled out his camera and was messing around too. realized there was an old roll in there. had no idea when it was from, but said i could develop it if i wanted to. ended up to be mostly pictures from the vatican he took while stationed over in vicenza, italy. he had some great shots! it was a black and white roll, and i told him he'll have to get back into it and get some good pictures of bean.

happy day!


jackie said...

Fun pics Shel! I like the two with the lantern!

krista/ralf said...

well thank goodness you have an umbrella! :)

Erin said...

I really love the first shot! I also love that you're using a film camera.

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