Monday, March 9, 2009

the last few days.

i'm a bit behind so here is a quick recap and pictures from wednesday on.

my friend laura and her husband andy passed through our town on their way up from florida. we were work girls, and counselors at lutherhaven together. we've known each other for a long time! hadn't seen eachother since 2005-ish. it was nice to hang out. we met up for dinner at piazza's just off the square.

the next day ma, ua and i went back to town. went to an antique store, and had lunch at "crimson moon" later that night ua and i watched one of our childhood favorites that i netflixed. the non animated "alice in wonderland" that was on cbs back in the 80's. we didn't realize how many famous people were in it, including ringo! we also didn't realize it was a two part movie. it was a lot of fun though, and i was surprised at how much i remembered! and that i was justified in being scared of the white rabbit as a kid. (i always ran up the stairs when he came out)

(that cup i'm holding was a complete waste of my caffeine intake for the day. i was really looking forward to good chai tea!)

then this weekend, james and i took two of our youth (they're brothers) down to jacksonville, florida for the district youth gathering. we all had a good time! especially using the pillows for jousting matches. it was fun hanging out with boys again. made me miss my brothers even more!

with the time change, and james' getting sick the last night, we were all pretty worn out on sunday. long drive home, but the weekend was well worth it! hopefully we'll be getting more youth involved, and doing a lot more activities. our church is definitely growing, and we're all excited.

james, branden, john aaron, me.

hope you've all been doing well!


jackie said... and laura are so cute. i have a picture of the two of you from camp that is adorable! it reminds me of the first one in your grouping...only you are in the laundry room :)

Core said...

Oh my gosh, the birds always scared me in that movie, that was when I'd run up the stairs! I gotta see that movie again

james and michele said...

ha! jackie, ma was just talking about those pics. she said "you two were having too much fun for doing laundry." yea, it was because it was the first time we ever had!

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