Thursday, March 26, 2009

another bullet post.

  • i hit a bird today in my car. i wanted to cry. i thought i was going to miss him. i couldn't brake because it was slick from all the rain. he was only the 2nd animal i ever hit. the first was a squirrel right after i got my license. he still haunts me.
  • i was the only one in my photography class with a film camera. the class is for both, but apparently i'm just old school.
  • i updated the nursery section on bean's page.
  • last night i was pretty uncomfortable sleeping on my stomach. it felt like i was sleeping on something. i just stopped and laughed because...yes! i was!
  • i had to go on a coke run because it had been a few days without pop. this kid is going to be wired.
  • i should take some pictures for my homework assignment. it's just real gross out here lately.
  • a bunch of people here got new orders, three are going to fort drum, in new york. we are safe for now.
  • i really love it here, and don't want to leave. it's home.


Anonymous said...

You said the shelf in the nursery was filled with "odds and ends".

Are Emma and Evia, odds or ends? :0


james and michele said...

well, i think you know better than i do...they are a bit odd! :P

Erin said...

I love that feeling, like you're sleeping on a water balloon or something!

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